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SOBI (Smart Old Broads International) is an exciting resource community for confident women over 55, first launched in April, 2019.

We welcome you to SOBI, a crew of brave navigators in the uncharted waters of living large as a Senior Woman in the 21st Century.

SOBI members scoff at the alienation and invisibility that can come with being an ‘old lady’ in our breakneck-paced, sometimes scary world. Banding together, we’ll make some noise about things that matter to us!

We’re creating alliances among mature women, that foster collaboration and action in these areas:


SOBI Explorers addresses strategies we can use to create solo and group travel experiences. Learn about senior travel opportunities, tips for saving money on travel, and much more.


SOBI Thrive delves into group vs independent living models, co-housing, home-sharing, home exchanges and house-sitting opportunities. What are some alternatives to the one-bedroom “senior ghetto” apartment?  Ready to take the risk of being a modern Golden Girl? What happens when you start to need some daily help?

Passions & Pastimes

SOBI Unleashed features peer-to-peer learning opportunities; women meeting, in person or virtually, to share skills, hobbies, athletic interests, volunteer options, ways to navigate bureaucracies –just for starters. Join our network as a learner, or become a Lady Sage and start sharing your expertise about stuff Old Gals need to know! Earn some income and mitigate someone’s stress!

Steered by a sage and savvy group of seasoned thought leaders, SOBI appeals mostly to women 55 and over, but the only requirement, besides being female is:

If you believe you’re a Smart Old Broad, you ARE one!

SOBI is a member-powered, female managed Patreon network that will be opening to general membership on September 18, 2022.

Get in early and save!

Discounted Charter memberships to SOBI will be opening on August 19, 2022. Watch this space for for updates, or

Send us a request for more information.

Keep growing and celebrating your One precious life – join us!



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